To ensure the safety of all patrons and guests, The Garner Galleria Theatre have created the following code of conduct and policy guidelines. Please review and follow the rules and policies below as failure to abide by them may result in expulsion from the venue without refund. 

If you have any questions, please contact the box office at 303-893-4000.

Accessibility Policy

The Garner Galleria Theatre is proud to offer the following ADA-compliant accommodations

  • Accessible seating Is available In the table seating and GA seating areas.
  • Select performances offer Audio Description or Sign Language services. Please call the venue at 303-893-4000 if you need help selecting tickets for one of these shows.
  • Some performances are sensory-friendly and are designed to be welcoming and inclusive for individuals with autism, sensory processing disorders, or other similar conditions.
  • Wheelchair assistance may be available. Please contact the event staff for help.

For further information, please call 303-893-4000.

Arrival Policy

For concerts and certain special events, late arrivals may be asked to wait in the lobby until an appropriate break period arrives. To avoid frustrations, please arrive no later than 30 minutes before an event’s start time.

Bag Policy

All bags are subject to search by event staff.

Camera Policy

Flash photography, video or audio recording devices, and professional cameras with detachable lenses are strictly prohibited for all performances. Standard or nonprofessional cameras are only allowed if both the venue and artist provides public authorization and will be noted in the program guide or description.

Cancellation Policy

The venue is proud of hosting events rain or shine. In the case of severe weather or unexpected closures, the venue will attempt to announce it to all guests as soon as possible. If your show is canceled, please call 303-893-4000 to discuss potential refunds.

Food and beverage policy

Outside food and beverages are not allowed in the venue. Table service is available for drinks during the show.

Lost and Found Policy

Lost an item at an event? You can check in with the event staff to see if anything has been returned. You can also email 303-893-4000 after the show. Please be prepared to leave your full name, contact information, and a detailed description of your lost item.

The Garner Galleria Theatre does not claim responsibility for your lost possessions.

Prohibited Items

To keep guests and staff safe, The Garner Galleria Theatre has the following specific rules on what is not allowed within the venue.

  • No outside food
  • No recording devices
  • No glass or metal containers
  • No liquor or drugs
  • No noisemakers or laser pointers
  • No weapons of any kind
  • No vehicles (except those required by the disabled)
  • No radios, tape and video recorders
  • No strollers and/or toys that create a disturbance
  • No selfie sticks or GoPro cameras
  • No chain wallets
  • No hula hoops, poi or flowtoys
The venue reserves the right to prohibit other items

Smoking Policy

Smoking of cigarettes, pipes, vapes, or any other smoking paraphernalia is not allowed in the venue or within 300 feet of any entrance.